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Hi, I'm Jessica, and I'm SO happy you're here.

With Sacred -ships, my mission is to help you live your dream life by building sacred relationships

with yourself, your partner, your community, and the planet.


Tune-in to your Self

Most of us are our own toughest critics. By tuning in to our relationship with our self, we can foster more gentleness and understanding for ourselves and believe that we are worthy of love, beauty, and acceptance.

"How would you feel if you really loved yourself today?"


Build your diverse Community

Achieving balance in life truly takes a village. Connecting deeply with others in your community across a diverse range of backgrounds, ages, and belief systems provides an important mirror of understanding about your life. It also gives you the opportunity to share your wisdom with those around you.

"How would you feel if you loved openly today?"


Connect with your Partner

Our romantic relationships are some of the most important in our lives. Building a sacred bond between you and your partner is crucial to a long-lasting and happy relationship.

If you don't have a partner today, then it's the perfect time to understand what you desire in a partner and get ready for an authentic connection when the right person comes along.

"How would you feel if you let yourself be loved today?"


Connect to the Earth

The modern world mistakenly teaches us that humankind and our planet are separate. Our connection to the earth teaches us essential truths about energy transfer and balance. It is not only important for us to treat the earth and her creatures with kindness, but also to receive their wisdom by connecting with the earth's natural medicines.

"How would you feel if you were balanced today?"

Our Services



Relationship Reboot

The signature group coaching program is coming soon in a series of 4 separate courses to fully reboot your relationships in all aspects of live. 

Journey back to Self

coming in January 2023.



A 1:1 12-week coaching container.

Work directly with Jessica to dive deeply into healing past traumas to create a new life and new relationships.



Take your learnings and uncover how to apply them to your daily life. Don't let your efforts go to waste!



Group breathwork ceremonies take place once a month. Our ceremonies utilize intense forms of guided breathwork to drive you into a deep meditative state.

Get in Touch

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