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Relationship Reboot

Relationship Reboot   |    Signature group coaching program

Relationship Reboot is the signature group coaching program here at Sacred -ships. If you have reached a ceiling effect in traditional talk therapy, with other coaches, or in your own personal work, this course is for you. Rather than trying to change the way you think (a top-down approach), this course is focused on changing behaviors and emotions from the bottom up. Since our trauma and emotions are stored in our nervous system and our body, you can expect this course to create real change in the way you treat your Sacred Self, and thus the way you allow yourself to interact with the world around you.

 This course includes weekly live coaching calls as well as 6 self-study modules, self-reflection exercises, and a facebook group for community support. If you're ready to create real, tangible change in your personal relationship with your Self, click the link below to register. If you have questions, please reach out via instagram DM with the word "reboot" and we will schedule a call with you to go through more details.


Elevation   |   Flagship coaching program

Elevation is the foundational 12-week coaching container. By signing up to be one of Jessica's 1:1 coaching clients, you will have the opportunity to work with her and dive deeply into the work of conscious relating.

In this 12-week program, you will learn to connect with your body and uncover which pieces of you have been limiting your growth and expansion up to this point. We do this by being present with core wounds, understanding how to work with the yin/feminine and yang/masculine energies within you, and learning the process of conscious communication and connection with self and others. This program involves self reflection, self study, weekly meetings, and intentional space for integration.


Breathwork   |   Breathe through it

Group breathwork ceremonies take place once a month. These experiences utilize intense forms of guided breathwork to drive you into a deep meditative state, break down your walls of vulnerability, and connect you to your deepest physical, energetic, and emotional needs. If you would like to participate in one of our breathwork ceremonies, please contact us for more information on schedule and location.


Integration   |   Bring it to life

Integration refers to the phase that occurs after a learning experience in which you take new information and integrate it into your everyday life. This is an essential piece of the puzzle if you are looking to create real change in the life you are creating, and unfortunately the piece that many people miss following a retreat, a psychedelic experience, or an in person or online course. If you have had a recently impactful event, but are having trouble processing, please reach out to schedule individual integration coaching sessions.

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