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Couple's Retreat

Couple's Retreat  |    Signature partnership offering 

Once we find our forever partner, we often find ourselves moving through difficult phases of emotions. Maybe we've spent enough time together that what used to be "cute" is now irritating. Maybe we've both ended up in stressful phases of life, and we're now taking that stress out on each other. Maybe the love continues to run deep, but we just can't figure out how to communicate with one another in a way that is loving rather than attacking or defensive.

I designed this offering to help those of you who resonate with this. Sometimes all it takes is an objective observer with a little bit of outside wisdom to provide insight and strategies for change. What I've seen in other experiences is that traditional couple's counseling creates very little change, because each week is just an excuse to rehash the difficulties from the week before. Instead, in this short retreat, we will spend the day moving through education, fears, blockages, and tools to create real, tangible change. You will not leave this session until we have created a pathway for the two of you to walk together, safely, and in love.

Private Mentorship

Private Mentorship   |   High-touch coaching program

By signing up to be one of Jessica's 1:1 coaching clients, you will have the opportunity to work with her and dive deeply into the work of conscious relating. This program is not just about healing anxieties or past traumas; it is also about learning to live life with more pleasure, more passion, and more Eros.

In this 12-week program, you will learn to connect with your body to hear the way she is always communicating with you. You will learn to better feel through and process your emotions. You will learn how to hold yourself with compassion and receive that same compassion and care from others. Above all else, you will learn to let your desires guide you. We do this by being present with core wounds, understanding how to work with the yin/feminine and yang/masculine energies within us, and learning the process of conscious communication and connection with self and others. This program involves self-reflection, self-study, weekly meetings, and intentional space for integration.


Integration   |   Bring it to life

Integration refers to the phase that occurs after a learning experience in which you take new information and integrate it into your everyday life. This is an essential piece of the puzzle if you are looking to create real change in the life you are creating, and unfortunately the piece that many people miss following a retreat, a psychedelic experience, or an in person or online course. If you have had a recently impactful event, but are having trouble processing, please reach out to schedule individual integration coaching sessions.

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